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Hotel grade cleaners,
for your home and commercial spaces

Kindness Cleaning was founded in 2016 as a boutique residential cleaning company. In the South Bay, there is no shortage of cleaners. We found that many of the available options lacked heart, vision, and commitment to excellence. We owe our success to our founding values, and especially to our talented team with over 15 years of professional hotel cleaning experience. The combined experience level of our team allows us to consistently deliver our customers the gift of a well-kept home. It is our tradition to provide our clients with exceptional cleans.

Our Founder, Sarah Sonntag


Sarah Sonntag is a Bay area born and raised daydreamer who has always found cleaning to be a therapeutic, relaxing practice. Kindness Cleaning began as a daydream, something Sarah would journal and doodle about with the hopes that she would one day transform different spaces with loving, thorough cleaning practices. She was and continues to be the person who comes to friends’ homes and cleans, not out of obsession, but because it made her calm.

She started Kindness Cleaning in 2016 after years of working as a prop stylist, which heavily inspired her company’s aesthetic and cleaning style—that spaces should not only look good, but feel good, too. Kindness was started not only to actualize her daydreams, but to create jobs for people. With a passionate appreciation for the ritual of cleaning, Sarah views Kindness as a means of preserving the sacredness of each individual space. 


A few things that set us apart:


  • We pay a living wage
  • We’re experts in towel artistry and bedmaking
  • We come from high-end backgrounds, having worked with Marriott Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt, and the Four Seasons
  • We clean with love


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